Judy Allen | What is a Wall After All?
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What is a Wall After All?

What is a Wall After All?

Illustrated by Alan Baron

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books

ISBN: 0-07445-3640-5

Paperback Publisher (US):  Candlewick Press

ISBN: 978-1564022189

Hardcover Publisher (UK): Walker Books

ISBN: 0-07445-2251-X

Hardcover Publisher (US):  Candlewick Press

ISBN: 978-1564022189

“Wherever you are when you open this book, I bet you can see a wall, if you look.” What is a wall, after all? Does it have to be flat and long, or can it be short and round? Can it be of ice or wax as well as brick or stone? Is it built by people or animals? Is it for keeping things out or for keeping things in? The truth is – walls can be all these things and many more. That’s what you’ll discover in this lively book full of rhythmical verse and accurate pictures peopled with cartoon figures. Suitable for anyone from 5 years old to adult.

Entertaining and educational.

– The Daily Telegraph

Excellent non-fiction, sure to amuse.

– Kirkus Reviews

Unusual, informative and fun.

– Booklist

Wonderfully funny and informative … The content covers all aspects of walls from science to geography.

– Child Education