Judy Allen | The Last Green Book on Earth?
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The Last Green Book on Earth?

The Last Green Book on Earth?

Illustrated by Martin Brown

Paperback Publisher (UK): Julia MacRae Books/Random

ISBN: 978-1856811781

Paperback Publisher (US):  Red Fox/Random House

ISBN: 978-0099337119

Dedicated to anyone who is trying to treat the planet with some respect, this is a comprehensive look at the damage we are causing – but, far more importantly, at what can be done about it. The beginning: ‘The facts of life are quite straightforward as long as the story stops before it gets to the awkward part. Amoeba divide, bees pollinate, birds mate and lay eggs, the cat has kittens and – whoop-de-doo – we’re up to the human chapter. This is slightly more complicated because it goes beyond the technical bit, the who-puts-what-where bit. But apart from the problems which are apparently rare in the rest of nature (like unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases) there are all sorts of side issues, like what kind of deodorant should you use, and who pays on the first date. But the awkward part – the really embarrassing part – the fact of life that no one wants to think about for too long – is this: If we don’t begin to behave differently very soon, the planet may have to get rid of us in order to survive.’ The ending: ‘There is still time. The planet is self-healing – up to a point and given a chance. It shouldn’t be beyond our ability to change our lifestyles enough to give it that chance. It shouldn’t be impossible for us to solve the problems we’ve created. After all, problem-solving is our thing – though it would be nice if we could refine our technique so that we didn’t create three new ones each time we solved an old one.’