Judy Allen | The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained
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The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained

The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained

Illustrated by Richard Hook, Patricia Ludlow and others

Hardcover Publisher (UK): Kingfisher

ISBN: 978-0753412961

Hardcover Publisher (US): Kingfisher

ISBN: 978-0753459508

This encyclopedia is a guide to curious phenomena, strange superstitions and ancient mysteries. Within its pages there are ghosts of sea and land, disappearances and lost empires, water monsters and King Arthur, UFOs and superstitions, fireballs, frog showers, crop circles and missing treasure. As the introduction says: The world is such an extraordinary and complicated place that it’s very unlikely we will ever solve every puzzle, break every code and understand every awesome phenomena. But we can – and will – go on trying, and any one of us may discover the key to something that has been lost, or hidden, or misunderstood for thousands of years.