Judy Allen | The Dim Thin Ducks
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The Dim Thin Ducks

City Farm Series
The Dim Thin Ducks

Illustrated by Kate Aldous

Paperback Publisher (UK): Julie Macrae Book

ISBN: 0-86203-466-3

Paperback Publisher (US): Walker Books

ISBN: 0-7445-2009-6

“They weren’t duck-shaped at all. They were tall and narrow, like skittles…” The arrival of four new ducks causes a bit of a stir among Kate and her fellow helpers – especially the strange Indian Runners or “Dim Thin Ducks” as they’re soon known. And digging a pond for them unearths something most unexpected…

Life on an urban farm with its friendly goats and fierce geese, its sheep, pigs, donkey, pony – and its human helpers of all ages.