Judy Allen | Lord of the Dance
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Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance

Paperback Publisher (UK): Hodder Silver: Hodder Chi

ISBN: 978-0340799413

“There be a witch closed in this bottle. Let her out and there be a peck of trouble.He picked the bottle up and rolled it gently from one hand to the other. Then he held it up to the light. The glass was cloudy and scratched. It wasn’t possible to see if there was anything inside.’ Mike knows it can’t be true. It was Helly who started it all, and she was only teasing – but Lee’s fear was very real, and so too was the choice Mike found himself having to make. Caught between his calm, responsible brother and his lively impulsive sister, Mike feels as though he hardly exists. But the witch bottle opens a door onto extraordinary things and the Lord of the Dance seems to offer him an extraordinary choice.


Also available as a Kindle edition from Amazon.co.uk