Judy Allen | Between the Moon and the Rock
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Between the Moon and the Rock

Between the Moon and the Rock

Paperback Publisher (UK): Julie Macrae Books

ISBN: 978-0099186519

Paperback Publisher (US):  Red Fox Books

ISBN: 978-0099186519

“Lisa, hearing the words, feeling the singing, was aware that something extraordinary was happening to her.” Close friends Lisa and Flora have very different homes. While Flora’s mother consults the planets for advice and keeps the house full of candles, cats and herbs, Lisa’s parents have an orderly, neat home, which they are constantly redecorating. But the new neighbours on the street are worlds apart from either family. They are evangelical Christians – some of whom form a sub-cult, which is so obsessed with the dangers of Satan it seems to forget about the love of God. As Lisa becomes more and more drawn in, Flora begins to be afraid for her – and so the conflict begins …

… a serious and important book, beautifully written with control, humour, unflinching purpose and great kindness. It deserves to be widely read and noticed.

– Times Educational Supplement

… excellent novel which will surely attract as many adult as child readers…

– The Independent

An intriguing story of what happens to a shy and awkward teenage girl who gets taken up by a mesmerising group of Christian fundamentalists, keen to get everyone to recognise and renounce the presence of Satan.

– The Guardian