Judy Allen | Awaiting Developments
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Awaiting Developments

Awaiting Developments

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books

ISBN: 978-0744560947

Jo’s secret haven is the beautiful garden of the big house nearby – until it is sold to a property developer who plans to cover it with houses and flats. In her efforts to save it she finds herself tangling with a very mixed collection of neighbours, struggling to find her way around the unreasonably big Town Hall, having to deal with the secret problem she thinks of only as It, learning quite a lot about her own family and getting some unexpected help from a long-dead ancestor.

Winner of the Whitbread Award ,Winner of the Friends of the Earth Earthworm Award, Commended for the Carnegie Medal

Full of humour and genuine feeling … A highly attractive novel.

– The Observer

So well written that it is difficult to put down.

– The School Librarian