Judy Allen | Auntie Billie’s Greatest Invention
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Auntie Billie’s Greatest Invention

Auntie Billie’s Greatest Invention

Illustrated by Chris Mould

Paperback Publisher (UK):  Walker Books

ISBN: 0-7445-6011-x

Dan and Ally enjoyed visiting their Uncle Pat and Auntie Billie. They liked Uncle Pat. He was an excellent cook. They liked Auntie Billie. She was an inventor. Auntie Billie’s inventions were brilliant … even though they never lasted very long. There was the Yuk-Digester – and the Muk-Shifter – and the Flying Space Camera – and then one day Auntie Billie went into the garden shed where she did her inventing – and she didn’t come out again. The children crept inside to look for her –and that’s when they discovered Auntie Billie’s Greatest Invention.