Judy Allen | Anthology for the Earth
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Anthology for the Earth

Anthology for the Earth

Hardcover Publisher (UK): Walker Books

ISBN: 978-0744544381

Hardcover Publisher (US):  Candlewick Press

ISBN: 978-0763603014

“Hear the voices of poets, scientists, spiritual leaders and ordinary people …” This is a collection of writings – some celebratory, others angry or sad – on the subject of the world we live on, accompanied by paintings, drawings and photographs from some of today’s great artists and illustrators.

…inspirational, beautiful, simple but complex, deeply personal but universal. A heady combination of words, cultures and images, it cannot help but stimulate thought and provoke discusstion

– Guardian Education

What a beautiful book! One to own and treasure and perfect for a special gift.

– The School Librarian

A fabulously varied and erudite selection of writings on the environment, stunningly art-directed, for serious thinkers of l0 upwards.

– Sunday Telegraph